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Join Senior Wim Hof Method Trainer Daniel Kluken
and Movement & Longevity Expert Ingvild Molenaar
on the 7th edition of their Immersive Training.
Taking it again a level further.

WARNING: This training will definitely impact and evolve you on many levels. Only join IF YOU WISH TO GROW!

5 days of TOTAL IMMERSION into your purest personal power and your true resilience with an international group of legends.

In these 5 days you will learn, research and experience:
* Embracing the cold
* Exploring the breath
* Deep meditation
* Integrated movement
* Inter human dialogue
* Internal dialogue
* Mapping
* Feeling what you know, Knowing what you feel
* Surfing the waves of change
* Building empowering behavior
* Real connection

Raw Nature
The training will take place in a fantastic location at the side of a lake in Iceland, in the middle of raw nature.