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Join Senior Wim Hof Method Trainer Daniel Kluken
and Movement & Longevity Expert Ingvild Molenaar
on the 6th edition of their Immersive Training.
Taking it again a level further.

WARNING: This training will definitely impact and evolve you on many levels. Only join IF YOU WISH TO GROW!

5 days of TOTAL IMMERSION into your purest personal power and your true resilience with an international group of legends.

In these 5 days you will learn, research and experience:
* Embracing the cold
* Exploring the breath
* Deep meditation
* Integrated movement
* Inter human dialogue
* Internal dialogue
* Mapping
* Feeling what you know, Knowing what you feel
* Surfing the waves of change
* Building empowering behavior
* Real connection

Raw Nature
The training will take place in a fantastic and typical Norwegian accommodation in the middle of raw nature.
You’ll might need to chop open your own hole in the ice….

Eating together is important
The food will be be some of the cleanest, most honest, most delicious food you have tasted, as all of our daily meals will be prepared by some of the best chefs in Norway with local products only.